Philanthropy & COVID-19

General Roo Wyda 24 Apr

The role of philanthropy in responding to this pandemic is critical. During today’s challenging times, it’s important to think globally and act locally. Many non-profits that rely on public participation and donors are struggling and need our help. Many clients with the ability to give are asking “How do we best respond to this crisis?” […]

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Is There A Ticking Time Bomb In Your Real Estate Portfolio?

General Roo Wyda 7 Feb

It started with a heartbreaking news headline just before Christmas. A young Fort McMurray family was pushed into bankruptcy. The culprit was their beloved condo, or more specifically, a massive spike in their condo building insurance costs. There was much discussion in the Mortgage Broker Community. Was the location of the condo building to blame? A delayed […]

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Buying a Vacation Home?

General Roo Wyda 28 Jun

It’s the stuff memories are made of. Whether it’s a cottage at the lake or a cabin in the mountains, a vacation property can provide years of amazing memories with loved ones. It can even become an idyllic retirement home. The good news is it may be closer within your reach than you realize. Here’s […]

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Writing A Subject Free Offer?

General Roo Wyda 23 Jun

In today’s red hot markets, many Buyers have no choice but to write a subject free offer – or risk losing out on their desired property. Here are a few things to keep in mind: 1. There is no such thing as a 100% guaranteed pre-approvalLenders need property details, documents, and an appraisal to actually […]

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